A new painting in a new studio in a new town

I have been away from this blog for a few months now. Having a baby named Orion with my beautiful wife Holly (view her new blog: BKLYN to RI) and moving from Brooklyn, NY, to Rhode Island has been a whirlwind. Saying goodbye to old friends, the city life, and a neighborhood we will miss always has its challenges. Setting up a new home and having space for a studio just down the hall is exhilarating and fresh. This weekend is a holiday show at Jessica Hagen Fine Art in Newport. After getting the studio all fixed up, it feels perfectly natural to stand up to a blank canvas once again and let the painting begin. It just feels right.

heart, humor, & hypnotism
28" x 40"
acrylic and collage on canvas
fall 2010


Kitchen Magic: How to paint in your underwear.

Sometimes I feel like the kitchen is one place that rivals my studio for inspiring creation. My favorite way to cook is bringing together fresh ingredients in a recipe-free way - building on my experience as a home cook - add a little of this...taste...add a little of this...what if I try a little of that...

This morning in the wee hours after Holly and Orion fell back asleep "apr├Ęs feeding," I brought my actual painting supplies and set up shop in the kitchen. I guess if I can rock gourmet meals for 2.5 in this tiny kitchen, I can get my painting on in the kitchen too...in my underwear.

After a studio visit with my painter friend Max Carlos Martinez, I was unable to use the old excuse "I don't have enough space in the apt..." While supplying me with some fresh collage materials, he also inspired me to remember to use what I've got right in front of me and just make it work. Thanks Max.

I am working on 9 small paintings/collages. New updates soon...

(it's an ellipsis kind of day...)


Beebopareebop Rhubarb...Lemonade! (when life hands you lemons and rhubarb...)

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Ronna Welsh of Purple Kale Kitchenworks, at the Farmer's Market at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. Ronna and her Husband were giving out free kitchen advice and free rhubarb lemonade infused with cardamom, that was so delicious, I decided to buy some raw materials and make a batch myself. The colors of the rhubarb and lemons and everything combined were so enticing to my eye, and they were begging me to photograph them. So through my rhubarb lemonade adventures I snapped shots of each stage.
Sometimes, I find the kitchen to be just as satisfying as a day in my painting studio. The process is identical at times, with the result being the only difference. Lemonade anyone?


A little Graphic Design never hurt anyone...

A small advertisement for Windsor Wine Merchants that will be seen in the Celebrate Brooklyn Program - a listing of shows for the Summer 2010 Prospect Park Bandshell.


Bits and Pieces: a collage exhibition

When Jonathan Talbot asked me to participate in his curated show for BID Gallery in New Rochelle, I gladly obliged. I have known Jonathan for many years, and his work is an inspiration. Take a moment to see his work HERE. The show, perfectly named Bits and Pieces, took place in October 2009. Recently launched is a website dedicated to the exhibition. Candid photos like this one were compiled, and an interactive click and see function was added. Just click on the piece of art in the picture and a new window opens to display the work in an organized window with size and titles - you get the idea.


Jessica Hagen: 5 Year Anniversary Opening

Cheese, wine, a good crowd, lots of beautiful art, smiles, laughs, great conversations, and sales... Could there be a shorter way to describe a successful art opening? A great space filled with artistic minds and Objet D'Arts...

Jessica Hagen, Timothy Ohliger, and Kevin Gilmore
(not necessarily in that order)

un groupe de peintures... the night started with two red dots!

An opening isn't complete without an after hours celebration with good friends!
(Chris Wylie, Tricia and Brandon Akers, and Kevin Gilmore. Also not in that order.)