After a week in Venizia, Firenze, and Bologna

Partly inspired by the many street artists working in watercolor to paint beautiful landscapes of the famous cathedrals, fields of poppies, and famous sites along the way, and partly inspired by the museums of Venizia (particularly the Peggy Guggenheim Collection), these paintings are the result of our week traveling around Italia.

The week of our return was also depressingly wet. It seemed as though it rained for 7 days straight, with giant storm clouds, and only the occassional peek of red at sundown.

the first few paintings:

Before I was able to locate an art store in Pulia, I began experimenting with the colors that surrounded me in Giurdignano. The fertile soil that filled the farmland, practically the only trees around were the olive trees that made up the olive plantations, the beautiful blue skies, and the white limestone colored buildings...