Kitchen Magic: How to paint in your underwear.

Sometimes I feel like the kitchen is one place that rivals my studio for inspiring creation. My favorite way to cook is bringing together fresh ingredients in a recipe-free way - building on my experience as a home cook - add a little of this...taste...add a little of this...what if I try a little of that...

This morning in the wee hours after Holly and Orion fell back asleep "apr├Ęs feeding," I brought my actual painting supplies and set up shop in the kitchen. I guess if I can rock gourmet meals for 2.5 in this tiny kitchen, I can get my painting on in the kitchen too...in my underwear.

After a studio visit with my painter friend Max Carlos Martinez, I was unable to use the old excuse "I don't have enough space in the apt..." While supplying me with some fresh collage materials, he also inspired me to remember to use what I've got right in front of me and just make it work. Thanks Max.

I am working on 9 small paintings/collages. New updates soon...

(it's an ellipsis kind of day...)